Saturday, October 3, 2009

Google Wave - social networking within the mailbox


First impression of the 100,000 lucky opportunity test Google's new service is its interface looks quite similar to Gmail combination Twitter.

Google Wave tool is online in real time, allowing users to combine e-mail and social networking technologies. A "wave" (similar to a "tweet" - the message does not exceed 140 characters of Twitter) may be a conference where people chat, work or use file sharing, video ...

Wave functions of Google

Interface consists of Wave 3 column, in which the first column has a list of functions and friends, second column lists the running wave in the Inbox and the third column for the user to create new or open the Wave are available.
When someone updates a new wave in your Inbox, it will be bold and take up where the list, similar to an e-mail invite. If the people in your friends list online, a green spot will appear on their logo.

Users can adjust the components of the Wave or minimize them to place large workspace.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Google Disclosure: Someday Google will publicly eat split ratio Adsense


How does Google share ratio from Adsense ads placed on pages publisher? People think Google can keep 75%, with a 50% or 30% thought but all is still in question or that nobody knows except Google. However, the disclosure of Google CEO Eric Schmidt, then this may change in future.

AdSense is an ad network to share profits and the largest global source of income is significant for the company as well as blogger. They agreed to set up Google adsense advertising blog for revenue, Google will extract a part (how much is unclear) to himself and the rest are of the publisher as we see in your account. Only the largest newspaper publisher eg New York Times ... have the right to negotiate with Google to place ads on price only, and of course every click on those pages will be extremely attractive price.

Here is the exchange of quick site Search Engine Land Google CEO Eric Schmidt around issues of transparency in the business of the Google ads that particular food is the ratio of share that Google applied to join the publisher Adsense.
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Google pagerank affect the SEO work


So what google pagerank effect for the ranking of search results? Said, please, google pagerank value here only a function of assessing the importance or popularity of the site for the search. The site has a high pagerank mostly by the content of that page is good support for reading, here I would only mention the ranking pagerank Natural, not to mention the problem created due to pagerank SEO. But the text towards the reader easily link readers bookmarks or placed in an account somewhere in their profile on the internet, adding that these elements share the internet community will bring to the page of a backlink large equivalent availability of content it provides. Reason that it will be for a google pagerank higher than other pages. But the ranking of search results of the search engine is completely different. Indeed, with its algorithms search engines, especially Google can easily analyze and index ratings for each content with the specific meaning. Algorithms of the search engine allows the tool on the links (natural or intentionally created) on the internet to index ratings do not link to each specific parameters based on income from such links. In other words the anchor text is displayed on the collection of links. More original content links also play a crucial role in the ranking of its content should be well optimized to best support for the anchor text attached. Fins to build anything other than pagerank ranking keywords? Difference is very large, single building pagerank Art is looking for quality links pointing to web pages, link building can be created very easily when not attached to anchor text and do not care to the current directory. The company or organization providing the services of this type often very easy to work. They just use software like IBP or WebCEO submit a link can automate this task, with fastidious customers can use their services, sales, swap links, rent for place link .... But with the construction of ranking for the keyword, the job far more arduous. With the knowledge you need a SEO optimized website structure on both the content and build links with anchor text to be analyzed more carefully, selecting sources to build and link with high value in support the site ... and so on. Just imagine you can record shows a large difference in these two tasks. Pagerank is essential when doing SEO, but it is not the decisive factor of all. Do not pay any attention to these factors scores, or that more attention to the value of the brand, the ranking on the SERPs, the rate of Bounce Rate and the ability to optimize the conversion value that an SEO services promises to give you
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Monday, August 24, 2009


Hong Kong Company Formation

Offshore Company Formation

Virtual Office and Opening Bank Accounts



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  • Hong Kong is a tax heaven country, in such respect, HK is low tax rate and no world wide tax, therefore no tax is imposed in Hon Kong for doing business in China and other Countries by way of transfer pricing.
  • Money is no restriction on transfer in/out of Hong Kong (No Currency Control)
  • Easy to arrange the banking facility and bank draft etc.
  • Good place to use for tax planning

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Monday, August 10, 2009

9 tips basic SEO can not overlook

1. Nofollow information page RSS
We do not need the bots retrieve information from the Feed. Google intelligent enough to remove the Feed retrieve information on your blog but also other tools such as Yahoo and Bing ... it? Access the blog and Feed will create duplicate content and is not clearly beneficial, sometimes with a fine search engines think it is spam but more.
2. Nofollow and Archives Section Tags
This is similar on, creating more duplicate content with the original is not good for your blog so it is nofollow effective measures. You can use the Meta Robots by Yoast to do this or All in One SEO Pack can help you do this easily.
3. Title change message from H1 to H2:
Generally, all the WordPress theme is the default title message (Post Title) is H2. You should follow is to H1 for convenience and will than to the eye and it shows the importance if compared with the other titles on 1 page. It is considered an advantage in SEO.
4. Add title and ALT tags for images small
Usually we only focuses images forget that large images as small Thumbnail such. Advice that the experts will give you is to add title and ALT tags for all images. You can use SEO Friendly Images to do this.
5. Check the speed of access and speed ideally under 3 seconds
Therefore that has continued to change theme to shorten page load speed and is now a little better. Because you use that host foreign visitors mainly from the reduction in the speed of page load is one of the first if you want to keep customers in the foot of the blog.
6. Remove the characters "bad" from the title message
Many of you want because of the tit hot giật should imagine has brought the characters / symbols not belonging to us Latin letters
7. Change blog title from H1 to H2/H3
As most theme titled blog is H1 and Title H2 message is, if one subject has articles on the subject H1 blog should be converted to H2 and use CSS to make it more to show. So will have the benefit of SEO articles on the blog.
8. Edit page "404" default plugin with 1
We did not want this moment at all, however, inevitable errors when writing or editing blog. How to have a page 404 as you can use Google plugin AskApache 404
9. Create meta descriptions of the blog did not match the content (snippets)
If you suffered a little difficult you can make the description of meta duplicate content. This will be beneficial for the show on search results pages (SERPs) and easily attract readers to click on.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Twitter can block a bad URL


Twitter has secret introducing a new tool to block users post links to websites in order to resolve the security issues are arising. However, the experts say that this tool is easy to be extravagant.
This tool is Mikko Hypponen, research manager of security company F-Secure, the proposed today. When someone posted a link to malicious website will enable a twitter menu it says "Sorry, your post contains a URL of the Web-exclusive", and after a few seconds will remove this message.

In an article posted on my blog Hypponen, F-Secure said that twitter has proposed using this website because of twitter is more variety of depth, spam and hackers attacks. The first account of Guy Kawasaki, a technology entrepreneur, has been used to post a link to exclusive website. In the recent weeks, users are continuously linked by many software security fraud and even fraud and malicious attacks
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